Document Management
Made Easy

Effortlessly manage your documents and ensure GDPR compliance while incorporating seamless payment integration in one platform.

Streamline your onboarding process and verify businesses and individuals with JobKYC/KYB.
Ensure a secure and trustworthy onboarding experience right from the start.


Save Time and
Stay Organized

Our intelligent system organizes your files automatically based on individual or business categorization. Say goodbye to manual file management and enjoy a more streamlined workflow.


Protect Your Data
with Confidence

Ensure GDPR compliance and data security while managing your documents. JobContract prioritizes data privacy and provides a secure platform for all your document management needs.


Seamlessly Manage
Your Finances

Seamlessly integrate payment processing within JobContract. Effortlessly send and receive payments associated with your contracts, all in one place.


Customize Contracts
with Ease

Adapt templates based on individual or business requirements, ensuring accuracy and consistency. Save time and maintain professional standards with our flexible template system.

Experience the Convenience
of GDPR filing and contracting

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