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Business Insights on
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Gain a Competitive Edge with JobGlass – Your Key to Informed Decision-making, Gain access to key information about your prospect’s.

Streamline your onboarding process and verify businesses and individuals with JobKYC / KYB.
Ensure a secure and trustworthy onboarding experience right from the start.

Current Financial Health

Assess the financial stability and performance of businesses. Gain insights into a company’s financial health, enabling you to evaluate potential risks and make informed investment decisions.

Business Status

Stay updated on crucial company details such as size, funding, employee count, executive members, and contact information. Access comprehensive information about branches and subsidiaries to understand the company’s structure.

Funding Insights

Explore funding details and investment history. Dive deep into the financial aspects of a business to gauge its strength and growth trajectory. Identify potential partnership and investment opportunities.

Relevant News

Stay informed with the latest industry trends and market sentiment. Access up-to-date news and industry insights to stay ahead of the competition and make strategic business decisions.


Get valuable insights into what other people are saying about your prospect or business. Understand the reputation, credibility, and customer satisfaction levels associated with a company.

Ultimate Beneficial Owners
(UBO) and Signatory

Verify the key decision-makers behind the scenes. Get a clear
understanding of the ultimate beneficial owners and
signatories who play a significant role in shaping the business.

Make Informed Decisions
and Seize Opportunities

With JobGlass, you can make informed decisions, mitigate
risks, and seize opportunities.

Manage your professional Identity

JobID for individuals is a  unique ID with all your career details, work history, reviews and reusable proof of verification available on the go.


Data Card



Bye bye to the hustle of verification and identification

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