JobID a tool for managing
Clients and employees​

Combining sophisticated identification, verification, contract, and GDPR filing modules in one integrated system, JobID automates the process of conducting due diligence on new clients and employees

Identify Clients and
Employees on JobID

This A. I enabled search is perfect for Identity Verification, and anti-money laundering (AML) screening, alongside Politically Exposed Person (PEP) and sanctions checks, for new clients. Therefore reducing compliance risk for your business at every level.

Individual Data

Individual provides information about themselves

Liveness Check

We check against deep fake pictures and that the individual is alive and present during the verification process.

Data Matching

We ensure the same person verifying is the person in the submitted identification document. (Passport, Drivers license)

Identity Documents Verification

We check if the identity card or passport uploaded is real and authorized by the issuing country.

Guarantor check

A business could request for a guarantor information once registered will be contacted to go through the same verification process above.

On-ground check

This is an on request service for address verification that can be requested on our platform where we check important addresses for users.

AML and PEP Verification

JobKYC simplifies AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and PEP (Politically Exposed Persons) verification, providing a secure business environment.

Verifying the 'who' behind
the contracts, 'CVs, or paper
data you have

AML Verification
on JobID

Verify your clients and easily detect
high-risk users with AML screening and ongoing monitoring against global watchlists, sanctions, PEPs, and adverse media

Compliance with AML regulations:

Ensure global and local AML & PEP requirements even in the most strict jurisdictions.

Protection of your business reputation

Prevent financial crimes and increase trust with clients.

Prevention of  Potential Losses:

Ensure every handshake with a potential client is genuine and safe.

Decrease in manual workload

Our AML & PEP screenings are automated, helping you to save time and scale faster.